What Accessories Should I Put on My AR 15? Part 1

You’ve probably already purchased an AR 15, or you are beginning your information search to understand what factors you need to consider before you take that exciting next step to acquire an AR 15. Accessories are an excellent starting point and can transform your standard firearm into a badass shooting machine and improve your overall performance.

You can get various accessories for your AR 15, but we’re going to focus on some now that we believe will make the difference between you showing off your AR 15 or collecting dust in the corner. These accessories are grip, ambidextrous charging handle, ambidextrous safety selector, rail panels, and buttstock.


Getting a grip on the AR 15 is essential (no pun intended). Having a proper grip can mean a significant variation in your aim, and thus, your accuracy. Overall weight and style are the two considerations when selecting AR 15 grips.

Regardless of your grip selection, we recommend choosing a grip without finger grooves. These grips tend to force your fingers into a position that is either uncomfortable or not optimal by spacing them out.

Ensuring you pick the proper text grip for the purpose your AR 15 will serve is also essential. For example, you may prefer a more aggressive grip texture if the conditions you’ll be operating in will be slippery or if your hands will be sweaty.

Ambidextrous Charging Handle

The ability to charge your rifle with either hand without any modifications each time is an absolute advantage. Whether you’re right- or left-handed, the ambidextrous charging handle benefits many shooters because it is much wider, allowing easier ability to discharge or load the brass into the chamber.

Left- and right-hand AR 15 shooters can both appreciate the ambidextrous ability of the charging handle, giving each shooter to quickly clear any malfunction regarding ejecting or feeding ammo into the chamber.

Ambidextrous Safety Selector

Like the above, an ambidextrous safety selector is another one of the must-have AR-15 accessories you need to make. Ambidextrous safety selectors allow shooters to find the safety switch on either side of the lower receiver with their thumb or trigger finger.

Rail Panels

While firing your AR 15, the barrel can become quite hot, so having functional protection will go a long way. Rail panels can be equipped with a Phantom USA handguard or any other handguard and provide real estate for your hand where it won’t get burned.

Having a rail panel can also offer you the ability to accurately control your AR 15 and distributing the weight evenly across the whole weapon.


Adjustable buttstocks are the ticket in terms of comfort and functionality. It’s crucial to select a buttstock that lets you look through a scope to see the reticle. There are many buttstock options out there, but the AR 15 buttstock should be comfortable, durable, and allow you to see through the sight despite what you decide.

Having a buttstock with an adjustable cheek weld is also something to consider, as this will allow you to find the reticle and shoot more accurately. With an AR 15 buttstock, comfort should be the main priority if you plan on shooting your weapon often.

Check back to see the second part of this AR 15 accessories blog and learn more about maximizing the enjoyment you get from your firearm.