Now that we’ve gone through part 1 of the AR 15 accessories that could take your AR 15 from stock to stacked like the ambidextrous components, grip, and rail panels, we’ll look at the remaining AR 15 accessories that will help personalize your new or soon to be firearm purchase.

Muzzle Brake

If your goal is to increase the accuracy of your shot, then a good muzzle brake is the accessory you need for your AR 15.

A quality muzzle brake can bleed off the gas through open ports as the bullet passes through, thus allowing the AR 15 to be pulled forward and negating the recoil by about 50%. The muzzle brake can also help control the muzzle rise, which increases the accuracy of follow-up shots. 

Hand Stop

Whether you opt for a long or short-barreled AR 15, a hand stop is an upgrade worth considering. Hand stops do come in many different shapes and sizes, so test them out to see which is most comfortable for your shooting style. The primary function of hand stops is to keep your support hand safe from accidentally touching the barrel. 

In addition to keeping your hand safe, hand stops also provide a consistent location for your grip. You can also accomplish this action using an angled foregrip.

Oversize Magazine Release

On stock AR 15 rifles, the magazine release button is tiny and can make it challenging to release the magazine quickly. Shooters with smaller hands sometimes find it impossible to reach the release without shifting or changing their grip.

Having an oversized magazine release allows the shooter to quickly find and operate the release button, which is critical for loading and unloading. 


The best way to approach which AR 15 magazine will work best for your firearm is to try a few different options and see which one performs the best. Some AR 15’s like specific brands better than others, so testing different brands out against the classic is optimal. There are several different options of AR 15 magazines, the classic being a metal stamped GI magazine but most of them being very affordable for the most part.

It is recommended for new AR 15 owners to have a few additional magazines on top of the magazine included with the new rifle during the testing phase. Once you’ve selected the magazine that works well with your AR 15, the general rule is to have about ten magazines for each AR 15 you own, so plan on acquiring some more magazines.


How much ammo do you need, and what kind of ammo should you buy? 

We recommend having 2,000 rounds (bullets) for your AR 15 split 50/50 between target rounds and defensive rounds. The type of ammo recommended for AR 15 beginners would be the .223 Remington, the unquestioned premier cartridge for AR 15.

This list of AR 15 accessories is an excellent place to start and consider cleaning kits, oil, and grease to extend the life and proper functionality of your AR 15. With every upgrade and adjustment, your rifle will begin to perform better, faster, and more accurately.