M-LOK 12” Free-Float Handguard




The Phantom M-LOC 12″ handguard features a slim hexagonal shape for added comfort on your hand, along with an integrated picatinny rail for mounting lasers, lights, bipods, and more.  You can also rest free-float handguards on objects to act as a stabilizer without affecting accuracy.

Constructed from durable hard-coat anodized aluminum with machine cuts along the sides, Phantom handguards maintain structural integrity in a heat-resistant, lightweight design. Lighter handguards can help shave a couple fractions of a second from your target transition times, and they take the strain out of longer shooting sessions and hunting.

Installs quickly with no experience required.

Avoid the headache of dealing with precision barrel nut timing and gas tube alignment. Phantom handguards install quickly and easily with our non-timing barrel nut.

Learn more about Phantom superior handguard technology.

The Phantom handguard package includes the following:

  • (2) Set screws
  • (1) Steel barrel nut

Additional information

Handguard Weight

10.1 oz.

Handguard Material

T6-6061 Type III hard coat anodized aluminum


For use on AR-15 & M4 variants (223, 300blk & 556)

Inside Diameter (ID):


ID + Top Gas Tube Channel


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