AR Handguards

AR-15 Handguards provide customization options to handle your accessory mounting needs. The handguard is a standard upgrade for adding a rail system to your AR-15. Aside from incorporating a mounting system for flashlights, grips, or lasers, AR-15 handguards protect the user’s hand from barrel heat.

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AR Handguards

The AR-15 incorporates a modular design. That means that users can customize their rifle to make it as tactical as they see fit, and the handguard upgrade is the best place to start. Some shooters are looking for maximum rail space for mounting. Others are looking for the lightest possible option to shave time off target transitions – this is especially true for competition shooters.  No matter what you are trying to accomplish, Phantom USA handguards come in various sizes to meet your goal.

AR-15 Handguard Selections

Many handguard designs exist; they serve different purposes depending on your shooting preferences.  Free-float and drop-in handguards are the most common types, and they come in various materials such as aluminum and polymers.

The handguard you select can make a significant impact on your shooting experience and comfort. The installation requirements also vary with some handguard types requiring professional assistance. Phantom USA handguards incorporate a non-timing barrel nut making them easy to install even for a novice.

Free Floating Handguards

We sell free-floating handguards built from hard-coat anodized billet aluminum for increased durability. M-LOK free-floating handguards slide over the barrel and only come into contact with the barrel nut. By not touching the barrel, free-float handguards eliminate torque when using a bi-pod, allowing for higher accuracy.

Drop-In Handguards

These handguards are commonly used with AR-15 shooting rifles because they are inexpensive, but they have several drawbacks.  Unlike free-float designs, drop-in handguards are in direct contact with the rifle barrel and can cause torque when using a bipod, worsening accuracy. Also, drop-in handguards are only held in place by pressure from the delta ring assembly and the handguard cap, so they tend to move a bit when installed. In contrast, free-floating handguards do not move when installed securely to the barrel nut.

Phantom USA Free-Float Handguards

Phantom USA M-LOK Free-Float Handguards come with steel screws, gas blocks, and barrel nuts, respectively, to make installation more convenient on AR-15 & M4 variants. They also incorporate a non-timing barrel nut for installation, making it simple to align the gas tube properly.

If you would prefer to receive the highest value and bargain on your handguard, a bundle option provides the necessary tools and accessories. Phantom USA Free-Float Handguard Bundles comes with an Allen key,1 3/16″ Crowfoot wrench for tightening necessary screws, an anti-slide plate, and two five-slot M-Lok 5 Picatinny sections. We offer M-LOK free-floating handguards and bundles in four sizes: 7″, 9.25″, 12″, and 15″.

Optimize Your Rail Systems

Phantom USA is your top source for rifle customization. We are ready to match your shooting needs with different upgrades and accessories. Our materials are high-quality and built to last no matter any condition. We also ensure that you receive the best possible addition to improve your aim or complement rifle length.

To find out more, please reach out to us today and talk to one of our representatives. Phantom USA knows how to protect your hands while shooting. Browse our products manufactured in the United States.