Phantom Quality

Built to survive.

All Phantom products are made in the USA.

Built to survive the most extreme conditions, Phantom handguards, upper receivers, rails, and accessories feature precision machine work and durable billet anodized aluminum. All Phantom products are covered by our Warranty Policy.

  • Durable designs
  • Great for decked-out tactical builds
  • Lightest handguard solutions

Accessory mounting.

With billet uppers and free-float handguards that feature Picatinny rails as long as 15”, you can customize your AR-15 with a tactical build.

The Picatinny rail system essentially provides universal mounting options for any accessory you’re looking to add including iron sights, tactical lights, laser aiming modules, night vision devices, foregrips, bipods, slings, and bayonets.

Increase your accuracy.

Phantom free-floating handguards increase accuracy because they are mounted directly to the upper receiver and do not touch the barrel. Allowing the barrel to float produces better harmonics resulting in improved accuracy of .5 – .75 MOA (minute of angle) over drop-in handguards.

If you are using grips or bipods on the handguard, this accuracy difference becomes even greater. When you attach the barrel directly to a bipod, it creates a force that can slightly warp the barrel. This small amount of warping can cause accuracy issues down the range. But with a free-float handguard, you can put all kinds of force on the handguard, and it will not affect the barrel whatsoever. With a simple installation of a Phantom handguard, you could improve your shooting accuracy.

Best handguard and upper solutions.

Phantom M-LOK free-float handguards and uppers have become popular alternatives to heavier options. These use machined cutouts instead of “ridge and groove” for attaching accessories.

The result is a less expensive, lighter handguard that is simpler to machine.

Phantom M-LOK handguards, uppers, rails, and accessories are the absolute best value for upgrading your AR-15.