AR 15: The best for Home Defense

No one wants to imagine someone breaking into their home. Still, if this unfortunate situation occurs, you want confidence in your home defense. So, what weapon do you use to protect yourself and your family? A pistol? A shotgun? What if multiple targets try to enter your home? There are so many things that will […]

Looks Great!

Looks great! Here are some pics. Tell the boys at Phantom they did a great job. A Phantom angled grip would look awesome on it as well. Pat PhantomUSA Customer

AR 15 Terminology Guide Part 2

This editorial continues with the AR 15 terminology every shooter should know. Action: This term describes the portion of the firearm, typically referring to rifles OR AR 15 specifically, that is the focal point of the rifle. The components involved with the action consist of the barrel, the magazine, the trigger, the buttstock, and the bolt […]

AR 15 Terminology Guide Part 1

Terminology can sometimes be the differentiator between an experienced gun owner and a novice new to the scene in the firearms world. Regardless of skill level, knowledge of rifle terminology is something that everyone should stay current on. We will be going over standard AR 15 terminology that will assist you when you’re in the […]

First billet upper

This was my first venture into the billet world and I am glad I went with Phantom USA. Their upper and handguard gave my new Lothar Walther barrel the support it needed to truly shine. On its previous upper that barrel was at 1.5 MOA, now it’s under 1. Phantom will be my go to […]

Great value

For the price, you can’t beat the quality of this handguard. It’s not only a great price, but it looks great and has a lightweight design. D. Banks PhantomUSA Customer

I will buy more

I am very happy with the quality and the look of my Phantom handguard.  It came with a barrel nut, and it was easy to install. I will be buying more.  M. Sanchez PhantomUSA Customer

Upgrade now

I cannot rave enough about the Phantom USA billet upper receiver and 15″ handguard combo. These two items allowed my Lothar Walther 16″ barrel to show it’s true potential. Having a good base is the best head start you can give yourself and Phantom USA does just that. Upgrade today! J.Turner PhantomUSA Customer

4 Key Rules to Gun Safety

Proper care and operation of any firearm is incredibly crucial. Those who have used firearms their entire lives and those who are just getting started with them should still keep safety in mind. Correct handling of a gun will ensure the safety of those around you, as well as yourself. We will list four firearm […]