You’ve purchased your firearm, equipped it with a high-quality upper receiver or handguard (from PhantomUSA), and you have mags and ammo; you are now ready for your first trip to the gun range. We’ll cover some typical things to expect while you’re there, like selecting the correct range, range bag musts, etiquette at the range, and […]

High Quality

Was looking to change up my upper build. Came across PhantomUSA and grabbed a 12″ handguard and upper receiver. I can see and feel the difference! Try it out, you won’t be disappointed! Stephen G. PhantomUSA Customer

Answers to Common AR15 Questions

The AR15 is a commonly preferred firearm for law-abiding and self-defense-minded civilians. However, this carbine is the topic of debate in the mainstream media due to its popularity. Some outlets believe that firearms capabilities are far too dangerous for the average citizen. Other outlets will have you believe that this weapon is the cause of […]

Better Rifle for the Apocalypse? AR-15 vs. AK-47 Pt. 2

For those keeping score at home, the AR-15 is a better option in weight and accuracy. The AK-47 is preferred when it concerns the stopping power, which means it is 2-1 in favor of the AR-15. Read on to see which carbine takes home the title! Likelihood of Jamming Trusting your weapon is very important, […]

Better Rifle for the Apocalypse? AR-15 vs. AK-47 Pt. 1

After a year like 2020, are you prepared to defend yourself and your family if things, heaven forbid, got worse?! In a year filled with a global pandemic, government-imposed lockdowns and restrictions, tension-fueled riots, and political unrest, the thought of “worse” doesn’t seem so unrealistic. So, in a “worse” case scenario, what should you opt […]

Vertical vs. Angled AR-15 Foregrips: Which one is best?

From handguards to red dot scopes and foregrips, every modification you decide to add or not to add can affect your overall shooting performance and experience. Considering that every shooter is different and has specific needs, there is no wrong or right way to customize your AR 15. The most important thing is personalizing your […]