AR 15: The best for Home Defense

No one wants to imagine someone breaking into their home. Still, if this unfortunate situation occurs, you want confidence in your home defense. So, what weapon do you use to protect yourself and your family? A pistol? A shotgun? What if multiple targets try to enter your home?

There are so many things that will rush through your mind in this situation; wondering if you have the correct firearm should not be one of them. Opting for a gun designed for multiple encounters will give you the secure feeling you’re looking for, and that is an AR-15.

The AR-15 makes for a perfect home defense weapon for various reasons: ease of shooting, low recoil, ease of customization, great accuracy, and much more!

Ease of Shooting

The low recoil of the AR makes it is much easier to shoot than a shotgun and even a pistol. This, along with the easy-to-hold design, allows gun owners of all experience levels to shoot this firearm with little to no trouble at all.

Great Accuracy

With virtually no kick when fired, the AR-15 has excellent accuracy. In a high-pressure situation where every shot counts, having an AR-15 will deliver. If needed, the AR-15 can easily reach a firing distance of about 300 to 500 yards accurately, whereas the pistol could only accurately reach about 25 yards for the average person.

Ammunition & Magazine Capacity 

Having a firearm with a 30-round magazine capacity might sound a little over the top for a household firearm but having the most amount of ammunition available when you truly need it is something people can understand and get behind. The AR’s most desired ammunition, the .223/5.56 NATO, is also a huge benefit when using it as a home defense weapon as it penetrates less than many other firearms. No need to worry about a bullet going through the wall and hitting the neighbors home or worse.

Easy to Customize

Changing out the stock plastic guard on your AR-15 for something like a PhantomUSA handguard which will give you move surface area for your hand, and the ability to equip other upgrades like a red dot sight, laser sight, QD sling, etc. can help give you the confidence to defend your home. The durability and quality of the handguard will also provide you with comfort, knowing it can handle any situation.

The AR-15 may not be for everyone; there will be those who still prefer a pistol or shotgun for their home defense weapon. We encourage you to test out and compare what weapon you currently have or are thinking about utilizing against the AR-15 and see the benefits for yourself.