4 Advantages of Upper Receivers

Upper receivers can drastically improve your performance with an AR-15 or other sporting rifles. You will also get protection for the rifle’s other parts and components.  Having accuracy is important while installing an upper receiver since it locks onto the barrel. AR-15 users swear by this upgrade, but they have different benefits depending on the model you get.

Benefits Of Adding An AR-15 Upper Receiver 

There are different types of upper receivers: from flat-top to carry handle. We are going to cover the benefits of a flat-top receiver mainly because the carry handle is a rear sight assembly. A forward assist option will seat the bolt, if you desire to have one, and a new user can find them easily. 

Aluminum is the default metal for upper receivers. Polymers are another option, though they are not as durable. 

A billeted receiver is a single unit and is lightweight as a result. In terms of strength, it lies between a cast receiver, which has the weakest metal, and forged receivers, which are the strongest. This allows you to determine the laser sights or further accessories you wish to establish. 


If you get a flat-top upper receiver with a picatinny rail, then you will have options for various upgrades and adjustments. A picatinny rail can hold lasers and sights, which is useful when you are shooting in regions with low visibility, such as with ample foliage or bad weather. You can install these sights more easily, and this means that your equipment doesn’t limit your game. 


When using an upper receiver, your shooting will improve. The upper receiver slides to the top of the barrel and locks in with a bolt, with more rigidity creating more accuracy with aim. If seeking this goal, then you should go with a for billet receiver. 


When firing a rifle, you run the risk of the barrel overheating from multiple discharges. In addition, the design of the gun may not mesh with your shooting style or weight preferences, especially if you are trying a new design. 


A billet upper receiver is made to handle fatigue from constant use. They have grain structure and orientation to reduce the stress on the rifle. The billet design makes the receiver heavier, so this is best when the user is comfortable with the extra weight.

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